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This book highlights the real mistakes that students make in the IELTS test and shows how to avoid them. Each unit targets a key problem area and is based on analysis of thousands of real tests takers' exams.

Clear explanations and exercises show you how to use the language accurately. You can check what you’ve learned in the units with regular tests.

  • Previous title Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate.

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What people are saying

Every intermediate IELTS student should have this

This is a must for students needing to reinforce their Academic English language skills at intermediate level, before moving up to the next one. The units are organised in manageable number of pages, the grammar recap is sufficient and the activities are challenging enough to keep the practice relevant and achievable.


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Five Stars

Tremendous help in passing the IELTS test which was required for emigration to Australia.


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More about IELTS Common Mistakes for bands 5-6

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes to achieve your target score
  • Includes IELTS-style exercises
  • Check your progress with regular tests

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