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Grammar Essentials: What is the passive voice?

Have you heard the words 'active' and 'passive' used to talk about verbs in English? Do you know what they mean? These are not tenses, they are voices. Put simply, the active voice shows what something does while the passive voice shows what happens to something. Today we will look at the structure of the passive, why we use it and when you might need it in IELTS.  


Emma Cosgrave

25 May, 2020

IELTS Speaking Game: Don't Say It!

When you're speaking in English, do you sometimes find that halfway through a sentence you can't remember the word you want? Or do you find yourself talking about something and realise that you don't actually know the word you need in English? Don't worry – it's not just you – it's a very common problem.


Liz Marqueiro

17 April, 2020

How to reach band score 7 in IELTS General Training Writing Task 2

Whether you're new to IELTS General Training or have taken the test before, it's really important to understand the types of questions you're asked and how you’ll be assessed before jumping in and taking a test. So, if you need a band score 7 in IELTS General Training Writing, here are two steps you need to take before you do anything else: Become familiar with the different types of IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 Learn how the exam


Pete Jones

27 April, 2020

IELTS Writing: When to use percent and percentage

IELTS students often confuse the words 'percent' and 'percentage' in the IELTS Writing test. Find out when to use each in this short video with IELTS expert Pete.

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IELTS Grammar: How to use ‘recommend’ and ‘suggest’

Many IELTS test takers use the wrong grammar after the words 'recommend' and 'suggest'. Find out the correct grammar to use in this short video with IELTS expert, Pete Jones.

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IELTS Vocabulary: How to use ‘there have’, ‘there is’ and ‘there are’

A really common mistake IELTS test takers make in their IELTS Speaking test is using 'there have' instead of 'there is' or 'there are' when talking about something that exists in their city or country.

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