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IELTS 15 General Training contains four practice tests EXACTLY like the real exam. It comes with audio scripts, answer keys and sample Writing answers. 

new downloadable Resource Bank includes extra sample Writing answers, a sample Speaking test video and answer keys with additional explanations. QR codes in the book provide quick access to the audio and video content. 

This book gives you an excellent opportunity to familiarise yourself with the test format and practise exam techniques using real-to-life test material written by the test makers (Cambridge Assessment English). 

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What people are saying

With audio

I love this book because they provide a QR code for listening audio as well as link to download listening test audio files, speaking example video and some sample writing answers. So overall worth buying.


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Easy to access

So far it has good practice tests and the listening audio is very easy to access. Also, it will help you to boost your confidence. 


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More about IELTS 15 General Training

All our authentic practice tests go through the same design process as the IELTS test. We check every single part of our practice tests with real students under exam conditions, to make sure we give you the most authentic experience possible.

  • Four full practice tests EXACTLY like the real exam 
  • Downloadable Resource Bank with audio, video, sample Writing answers and answer keys with additional explanations 
  • QR codes for quick access to audio and video  

Purchase book with free delivery via Book Depository*