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What is American English?

Whether you're living in the USA or not, you'll no doubt be familiar with American English through movies and TV shows or perhaps through watching or reading the news on an American channel. I was too when I visited the USA a few years ago but unfortunately this wasn't enough to make all routine tasks easy, which was quite a surprise given that I'm from an English-speaking country! So, to help you avoid the problems I had, here are some features of American English that wi


Pete Jones

28 May, 2020

5 ways to better prepare for IELTS Listening part 4

Which of the four parts of the listening exam do you think is most difficult? When students, teachers and examiners are asked this, many would probably say part 4. Why? Well, it's about an academic subject for a start – something we may not hear about if your listening tends to be from TV shows and films. 


Jishan Uddin

24 April, 2020

Misusing linking expressions (Grammar)

Welcome back to the third and final part in my blog series on common mistakes in using linking expressions.


Sophie Hodgson

26 May, 2020